Welcome to San Marvelous Music! A place to visit to get a personal inside scoop of local bands, artists, events and venues in the beautiful city of San Marcos. So what is the idea behind San Marvelous Music? The overall idea is to give you a personal and general synopsis of a hands-on experience of the local San Marcos music scene. There are all kinds of different styles of music, performances and venues to attend in San Marcos that will leave you completely stunned, the only thing stopping you from experiencing the incredible live performances in this great city is taking that first step.

About the Author: I’m an advertising major at Texas State University and it’s my junior year. I’m originally from League City, TX and studied at the college of the mainland to acquire my associates degree before transferring to Texas State to finish my bachelors degree. I chose to exploit local music venues and artists in San Marcos because they deserve to be heard. when i first relocated to San Marcos i was immediately taken away by the extreme talent in a growing town.

I write music and play a few instruments including acoustic and electric guitar, as well as a few brass instruments. I used to have a band but couldn’t juggle a band, friendships, a job and school all at the same time so i enjoy listening more than playing these days. So, for the most part, i understand the struggle of wanting one’s music to be heard. It’s a passionate and delicate process to write music and I believe that the community should always give local live music a shot.


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