Open Mic Nights

Photo Credit: DC Music Donload

Open mic nights are a very prevalent concept in San Marcos and its surrounding areas. Open mic nights are a way for the musical community to get on stage, without being booked for a show, and play a few songs of their choice in front of an audience. Open mic nights are a great concept for any developing or experienced musicians. For instance, if your nervous about playing in front of a crowd, one of the best ways to get rid of the nervous feeling is to play in front of a small crowd of friends, and continue to do so until you are comfortable enough to play in front of anyone at any time.

Open mic nights give the musician an opportunity to play the music that they have written, and play renditions of songs that they choose to cover. In my experience, I like to hear people play covers that have the musicians own mojo with it. Covering a song and playing it exactly as the original artists plays it is fine and some even prefer to hear covers in that form only, but I truly enjoy hearing musicians play cover songs that you have to really listen to in order to figure out who the original artist is.

There are so many venues in San Marcos that feature open mic nights! Treff’s Tavern, Tantra Coffee house, Triple Crown and Taxi’s piano bar are just to name a few venues that host open mic nights in San Marcos. Open mic nights are not only a great chance for a musician to exploit their talent, it’s also a great chance for the listener to gain some insight on the music that the performer is portraying. One of my favorite parts of open mic night is that you never know what to expect. The people that I have seen perform range from goof performers that aim to acquire a comical rise out of the crowd, to serious performers thriving to get that one big break to stardom. You never know who might be playing in your local live open mic scene, so go to a venue and check it out!

Check out a little history on open mic nights! History of Open Mic


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