My Blogging Experience

Photo Credit: Information Space.

This semester in FDOM I blogged for the very first time in my life. Blogging is very interesting and useful in the world we live in today. To be able to freely communicate one’s thoughts is an unalienable right and part of our American constitution, so exercising this right over a communication medium that anyone could possibly have access to is an honor and a pleasure. I do believe that blogging is not for everyone, maybe myself included. Yes, blogging is part of my class assignment and am required to do so but I’m not entirely sure if I will continue to blog after the class is over. I would like to think I will continue to blog or manage a website of some sort after this semester but I’m not entirely certain.

I learned a lot through blogging, especially knowing that it’s completely possible for anyone to be able to brand themselves by using this medium. I learned that the world we live in today is becoming extremely connected and social, and as Bob Dylan would say “times they are a changing”. There are many successful tools on WordPress that make it fairly simple to promote oneself. However I feel like I am limited to only create a website based on someone else’s template ideas. It’s great because it is easy to create and navigate, but I would like to acquire the knowledge to make my website more specific to a brand that I would like to start.

I feel that learning how to blog and use WordPress will be very beneficial in my future endeavors as long as I have a great idea to back it up. I really enjoyed the topic I chose because any band or owner of a venue was extremely happy to communicate with me about their thoughts and feelings concerning the music and the music venue. I had the opportunity to speak with people that are following their hobbies and dreams, and they were excited to know that I was writing a story including them. I plan on implementing these tools in the future by continuing to write stories and communicate with people more. It was great being able to leave my comfort zone and speak with people that were excited about a similar topic, and I wouldn’t have changed my direct experience for anything.

Check out this article by Scientific American that emphasizes why blogging is good for you.


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