Cheatham St. Warehouse

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Cheatham St. Warehouse is a great music venue in San Marcos, TX. My favorite part about checking out new music venues in this town is that i never know what to expect. At first i didn’t think much of the visual perspective from the outside of Cheatham St. Warehouse. It is literally a warehouse. But as i followed the road to the entrance and walked inside, my perspective of the venue completely changed. Yes it’s quite literally a warehouse, but once i walked inside i became overwhelmed with a hometown country hall. It’s a large venue that features a full bar with great drink specials, pool tables, a patio filled with picnic tables, a dance floor and a comfortable stage.

I walked in at eleven o’clock on a Tuesday night and there was a band playing! My favorite part about the live music scene in this town is that one may not have to wait for the weekend to be able to see great live music. The band that was playing is called Pardo and Reed and they were extraordinary.

Pardo and Reed San Marcos Texas Cheatham Street Warehouse

Pardo and Reed!

Pardo and Reed is a five-piece band. They harmonized various times throughout their set and it’s very evident that they practice vigorously because their performance was spot-on. It was a spectacular performance that caught the attention of the entire crowd. They played a set that featured covers, originals and even some requests that influenced the crowd to dance and ultimately enjoy the night filled with music. Pardo and Reed are from San Antonio, they play all around the Austin-San Antonio area and are even scheduled to go on tour in Japan. Check them out on Facebook! or book them through email at

George Straight Cheatham Street Warehouse San Marcos Texas Pardo and Reed

He Started at Cheatham

George Straight got started at Cheatham St.Warehouse. The venue is full of George Straight memorabilia from when he used to perform at the warehouse with his old band. The owner of Cheatham even hosts nights that encourage songwriters to come in for an open-mic night to play their original songs. It is completely possible to get discovered in this town for those who write and perform their own music. It happened to George Straight didn’t it?

Check out Cheatham Street Warehouse’s website to learn more!


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