Triple Crown

Tuesday afternoon, after i passed Cheatham Street Warehouse, i stumbled upon Triple Crown. I immediately noticed the sign in the front window displaying the weekly music line-up. There was a name for every slot for the week. I walked in, passed the pool tables and noticed that they were setting up the stage for a performer. Triple crown features a live performer throughout their happy hour period every week. “We have live music 365 days out of the year.”

The Gentleman that was playing during Triple Crown’s happy hour period played country music and he played alone. It really does take a lot of guts from anyone to be able to get on stage and play by yourself in front of a crowd of people. He played original songs as well as country covers that created a relaxed atmosphere in the venue. I noticed that the gentleman sitting in front of me at the table came alone but was enjoying the soft country vibe that the performer was playing while he sat and had a drink.

I’ve noticed that every different venue that i visit offers a different style for their guests. For instance, Taxi’s Piano Bar offers a back area for karaoke and comedy nights, triple crown encourages patrons to come enjoy a smooth happy hour, Cheatham Street Warehouse encourages original artists to come show them what their made and that is just to name a few. I’m very excited to see what other venues have to offer and i encourage everyone to seek them out as well. You never know what your going to find and experience in the great city of San Marcos.

Check out Triple Crowns website:


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