Taxi’s Piano Bar!

Taxi’s piano bar is a great place to come to, located on the square. the drink prices match any other competitive bars in the area, the atmosphere is to die for and the folks that run the join are more than friendly. Taxi’s Piano Bar was the first bar I visited when I moved here, and I’ve been a regular ever since. There’s plenty of things to do!: ski ball is located at the left, there’s plenty of pool tables, a back room that features karaoke/comedy night and much more!

Taxi’s Piano Bar features a variety of musical guests as well. my favorite, so far, is a band called Henry and the Invisibles. Here’s the catch, Henry is the only person in the band. He plays every instrument and loops it all together while he Is playing, it’s amazing! I’ve never witnessed anyone that could, not only play a variety of instruments but, play a variety of instruments so well that it captures a crowd on an inspirational level.

The atmosphere at Taxis is absolutely amazing.The bar staff, owner, and friendly regulars will welcome you with open arms. so if you feel like having a few drinks, listen to live music, sing karaoke or anything in between, head to taxis for a great time! For more info check out


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