Treff’s Tavern

So far, I’ve decided to post about the venues that I’ve visited in chronological order. I have yet to be disappointed. The next place I’ve visited is Treff’s Tavern. I went to Treff’s tavern on a Thursday night because I learned that they were hosting an “open mic” night. And it was an incredible experience.

Open mic night at Treff’s Tavern reminds me of listening to friends play Music by a campfire on a weekend night out of town. The vibe is very relaxing and the crowd is appreciative. It’s not very easy, for most folks anyway, to be able to get up in front of people and play music that they’re used to playing just themselves. but at Treff’s tavern, anyone is welcome to get up to the stage and show what they have to offer.

Treff’s Tavern features three levels to the venue. The first floor offers the guests a bar top, seats and tables, a patio and multiple high-def T.V’s in various spots. The second floor features dartboards, a cornucopia of tables, games in the back, high-def T.V’s and more friendly bartenders. The third floor is my favorite because it’s like hanging out in your own personal nook; if you want be social then the bottom two floors offer a variety of guests that are ready to converse, however, if you just feel like having one-on-one time with a friend, or reading a book while you have a drink, the third floor is perfect. Either way, you have three floors to choose from at Treff’s Tavern and each floor offers a great experience.

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