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There’s not an app out there that tells you exactly what’s going on in your home town? Now there is! San Mo Stuff is an application that can be downloaded to your smartphone that tells you which venues to hit that characterize what your looking for.

Suppose you decide to have a night on the town: catch a live show, take a date out or just decide to have a few drinks/food. San Mo Stuff is the app that will give you an incredible amount of options to light up your night. There are a variety of different venues in San Marcos that offer a ton of fun activities, drink and food specials and so much more. Get in on the action!

The app is easy to navigate and updated frequently. So whenever you decide to venture into the San Marcos area, consult San Mo Stuff so you know what is happening around town!

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Treff’s Tavern

So far, I’ve decided to post about the venues that I’ve visited in chronological order. I have yet to be disappointed. The next place I’ve visited is Treff’s Tavern. I went to Treff’s tavern on a Thursday night because I learned that they were hosting an “open mic” night. And it was an incredible experience.

Open mic night at Treff’s Tavern reminds me of listening to friends play Music by a campfire on a weekend night out of town. The vibe is very relaxing and the crowd is appreciative. It’s not very easy, for most folks anyway, to be able to get up in front of people and play music that they’re used to playing just themselves. but at Treff’s tavern, anyone is welcome to get up to the stage and show what they have to offer.

Treff’s Tavern features three levels to the venue. The first floor offers the guests a bar top, seats and tables, a patio and multiple high-def T.V’s in various spots. The second floor features dartboards, a cornucopia of tables, games in the back, high-def T.V’s and more friendly bartenders. The third floor is my favorite because it’s like hanging out in your own personal nook; if you want be social then the bottom two floors offer a variety of guests that are ready to converse, however, if you just feel like having one-on-one time with a friend, or reading a book while you have a drink, the third floor is perfect. Either way, you have three floors to choose from at Treff’s Tavern and each floor offers a great experience.

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Taxi’s Piano Bar!

Taxi’s piano bar is a great place to come to, located on the square. the drink prices match any other competitive bars in the area, the atmosphere is to die for and the folks that run the join are more than friendly. Taxi’s Piano Bar was the first bar I visited when I moved here, and I’ve been a regular ever since. There’s plenty of things to do!: ski ball is located at the left, there’s plenty of pool tables, a back room that features karaoke/comedy night and much more!

Taxi’s Piano Bar features a variety of musical guests as well. my favorite, so far, is a band called Henry and the Invisibles. Here’s the catch, Henry is the only person in the band. He plays every instrument and loops it all together while he Is playing, it’s amazing! I’ve never witnessed anyone that could, not only play a variety of instruments but, play a variety of instruments so well that it captures a crowd on an inspirational level.

The atmosphere at Taxis is absolutely amazing.The bar staff, owner, and friendly regulars will welcome you with open arms. so if you feel like having a few drinks, listen to live music, sing karaoke or anything in between, head to taxis for a great time! For more info check out